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Manicure and Pedicure treatments in Hornchurch, Romford Essex.

Manicure and Pedicure Treatments

The Ultimate Manicure

This luxury treatment is formulated to provide the ultimate in hand and nail care. Nails are shaped and filed, cuticles nourished and tidied, hands are exfoliated. This is followed by a nourishing hand mask while head and shoulders are massaged, then hands are massaged and moisturised. All this is followed by your choice of OPI nail polish. Lasts 45 mins.

The Manicure

Nails are filed and shaped, cuticles are tidied, hands are exfoliated and massaged with a nourishing cream. All finished with your choice of OPI nail polish. Lasts 30 mins.

Speedy Manicure

Nails cut & filed, cuticle work and your choice of polish. 30 minutes.

The Ultimate Pedicure

The pedicure to end all pedicures, the ultimate foot treatment. Feet are soaked, nails are filed, cuticles tidied and hard skin removed. This is followed by a foot and leg exfoliation, feet are then covered in a refreshing foot mask and wrapped in hot mitts while you enjoy a relaxing head, face and shoulder massage. Feet and legs are massaged and toes are finished with your choice of polish. Lasts 60 mins.

The Pedicure

Nails are cut and shaped and cuticles tidied, followed by removal of hard skin and foot exfoliation. Feet and Legs are massaged with a nourishing cream, then your choice of polish to finish. Lasts 45 mins.

Speedy Pedicure

Nails cut & filed, cuticle work and your choice of polish. 30 minutes.

Treatment Senior Therapist Therapist
Ultimate Manicure £32.00 £30.00
Manicure £27.00 £24.00
Speedy Manicure £15.00 £15.00
Ultimate Pedicure £38.00 £35.00
Pedicure £32.00 £28.00
Speedy Pedicure £15.00 £15.00
Pedicure with IBD gel polish on toes £40.00 £35.00
Nail file and paint £10.00 £10.00

Nail Treatments

Bio Sculpture Gel

The original everlasting manicure is a chip-free salon treatment that cures to a strong yet flexible glossy finish lasting three weeks. The damage-free, nourishing treatment will protect and enhance your natural nails.


Performs like a gel, applies like a polish. Up to three weeks of chip-free, glossy colour.

Light Elegance Hard Gel Extensions

Strong, long lasting hard gel available in a wide range of colours & glitters. Lasts 3-4 weeks and can be applied as an extension or an overlay to natural nails.

Treatment Senior Therapist Therapist
Bio sculpture gel hands £35.00 £30.00
Bio sculpture gel on toes £25.00 £23.00
Bio sculpture gel hands and toes £52.00 £46.00
Pedicure with bio sculpture gel on toes £45.00 £40.00
IBD gel polish hands £27.00 £24.00
IBD gel polish on toes £20.00 £18.00
IBD gel polish on hands & toes £42.00 £37.00
Treatment Senior Therapist Therapist
Light Elegance Overlay £40.00 £35.00
Light Elegance Infill £35.00 £30.00
Light Elegance French / Babyboomer Infills £40.00 NA
Light Elegance Full set of extensions £50.00 NA
Light elegance Full set of Baby Boomer Nail Extensions £55.00 NA

If you require detailed nail art please let us know upon booking your appointment as this will take longer.

Any nail repairs are offered complimentary within 7 days of the initial appointment, after that they are charged at £2 per nail.

Swiss Mavex Callous Peel

Callousness and dead hard skin is effortlessly scraped away leaving immediate amazing results.

Without the use of blades or drills, Mavex callous peeling completely removes cracked hard and calloused skin simply and rapidly, is a delicate and pleasant treatment, which gives a new shine and an extraordinary softness to the feet.

Treatment Price
Mavex peel £30
Mavex peel with pedicure £48
Mavex peel with pedicure and gel on toes £55
Mavex peel with pedicure and bio gel on toes £60
Mavex peel with gel on toes (no pedi) £38

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